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Front fork replacement question

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  • Front fork replacement question

    I was wondering if the GSXR front forks would fit into the Katana triples or even if the GSXR triples would fit into the katana frame. I'm thinking maybe my front forks are bent or something since my bike does not trail straight when sitting up on it. The rear is aligned perfectly however the front has a bad vibration and the bars start to slap at certain speeds if i let off of them. Any thoughts are appreciated guys thanks ~Heath

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    Well , first impression is that since the GSXR forks are the upside-down kind (bigger part is on top instead of bottm) , and the Katana are NOT , I'd go with "no" . But then , I've never really had a close look at the forks in that way before ...
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      Forks by themselves will not (unless you get pre89 gsxr forks with aren't much different than the katana forks).

      91-95 GSXR triples will bolt straight into the katana frame so if you use an entire front end from any of those years (750-1100) it will swap over.

      If you switch to a gsxr setup, you should expect to loss about an inch of ground clear (short fork legs) but you will still have sufficient clearance and the steering turn in will be slight quicker.

      The GSXR forks will likely need to be resprung due to the higher weight of the katana.