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  • rear brake pads...

    well, my rear brake pads are getting low, and it is time for new pads. I don't care to much about ultimate grip since I will most likely always be able to lock up the rear tire, however I would love to not have to clean as much dust off of the rear tire. I remember for cars ebc had a pad that 'didn't dust' (really just had white brake dust)

    in short I was wondering what type of brake pads you guys reccomended. My priorities are low dust and quiet.



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    I thought ALL brake pads made dust . Not a big deal in my book , but I CAN tell you I'd stay away from HH's for the rear .
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      thanks for the warning

      i know all pads dust, but I have noticed with my car some are far worse then others

      anyone else have good or bad experiances?


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        Brake dust on a motorcycle tire is minimal because of where it sits compared to the wind; the real issue is road grime and there's simply no good way around that except not to ride.

        EBC makes a good HH compound rear pad, but they're very grabby and aren't recommended for those who haven't been riding for years (i.e. - those who might have a panic reaction and slam the rear brake). If you go with EBC pads, remove the factory shim that sits behind the brake pads.

        The OEM pads are what I tend to recommend in the rear in all other cases. They're about twice as thick as any of the aftermarket rear pads I've found, meaning they should have substancially more life to them. Stock compound is GG.

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