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  • Soft Suspension

    I bought myself a used 2001 Kat 600 and the suspension seems to be a bit soft. I checked my air pressure and that seems fine but when I sit on the bike it seems to drop a little too much. Especially when i ride doubles. What can I do to fix this problem? How easy is it to adjust the shock on the back? Is there a preferred setting? I drive a Subaru STi so I'm used to a rough ride.

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    How many miles does it have? Yeah, most likely you're gonna have to look into a new shock/front springs/emulators if you want a stiffer/better ride...especially two up.


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      Before you go throwing any hardware at it, read the owner's manual (if you got one) and adjust the rear spring preload and then the rear damping after you find the preload setting that's good for you. If the previous owner (PO) weighed a lot less than you, or if the PO didn't have it set well, it might be set way too soft.

      It could also be that you're used to something substancially stiffer (Ducati's and many light race-rep bikes); if with the preload cranked up to 6 or so, it's still not stiff enough, you will either learn to live with it, or start looking at upgrades.

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        Cool, thanks guys. I'll look into these ideas. I don't have the manual and should get one soon.