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Are my springs cut, spacers removed?

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  • Are my springs cut, spacers removed?

    I recently bought a 1998 KAT600. It has been lowered in the rear (scored an entire new rear shock off a 2006, with linkage and stock dogbones for $56 on ebay).

    I am still worried about the front end. I am not entirely sure if it has been lowered in the front (P.O. didn't mess with suspension, he doesn't have contact info for the P.P.O.)

    Is there a way (measurements?) to find out if the front has been lowered internally without opening up the forks? They are ~1mm over the front triple tree, so I know it wasn't lowered that way.....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't wait to get the suspension set up so I can go out and rail on it a little.

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    Post up the length from the center of the front axle, to the top of the fork.

    My 750 is around 29.5" sitting on the side stand.

    93 750 Kat

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