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Pre 98 and 98 front fork specs.

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  • Pre 98 and 98 front fork specs.

    Are they basically the same???

    I thought that the forks on the newer kats were larger diameter than the older ones, am I right?

    Also, what is the amount of oil needed on the pre 98 Kat 750 forks?

    Anyone know where I can download a clymer or factory service manual? Between all the things I've been fixing on the bike I'm broke and can't afford the manual right now. In a couple of months I will buy it anyway, but would be nice to have a computer copy so I can stop asking so many dumb questions.
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    Dude I was totally confused by the book!
    It stated a volume and a level measurement..
    I went by volume.. I'll look it up right now..

    491 ml... in each fork


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      I'm pretty sure they didn't change the fork size. If they did, somebody let me know, cause I could use an upgrade!
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        Damn, the a$$hole at the stealership shop told me 380ml, so I guess my bike is running pretty low on fork oil
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          Süsser Tod

          As I said:
          The book gives the volume and a
          distance from the top of the fluid to the top of the fork tube. It looked to me that the distance
          was wayyy too high so I went by volume..