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bandit 1200 shock install

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  • bandit 1200 shock install

    So I have got the shock and went to install it today

    Can someone who has installed this shock give me some pointers on how much metal to take off the knuckle to get it to fit and also how you did that assume it is a case of just filing it away ?

    What should the gap between knuckle and shock be as it looks like it wont be that same as standard shock -is it a case of just getting enough metal removed to get it fit ?

    Did you use the standard dogbones ?

    cheers for any assists

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    put a sanding disc on a die grinder and go to town. You take off material until it fits. Yes, it is a case of removing enough material until it fits. The B12 shock jacks it up like 2", I'd use lowering links.


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      Imo its not a bright idea to remove material from the suspension linkage its the size & shape it is for a reason !
      Renthals & twin spots do not make a streetfighter !


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        Cheers Arsenic

        As I am a lardy I hope I will compress those extra 2 inches


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          Post up some pics when it's all done.
          R.I.P. Marc (CyberPoet)


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            Not sure if this is the correst section but since its about a Bandit 1200 shock install its as good a spot as any i suppose lol im currently in the process of bringing a 1990 katana 600 back to life after years of poor neglect but since im on the heavier side i was thinking of changing the shock to handle the extra poundage so will a 2001 Bandit 1200 shock bolt into a 90 kat 600 without any issues ( meaning will the bolt holes match right off or will the new shock need to be compressed or something )??? Also tks for all the welcomes to KR, the forums have helped me bigtime with the things ive had to do on this bike so tks to all who have posted and any advice or info on this would be great.. :P
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