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600 & 750 fork differences

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  • 600 & 750 fork differences

    I know the forks are different on the 89-97 600 (KYB) & 750 (Showa). The spring rate for the 750 is 0.629kg/mm but RaceTech does not list it for the 600. I have reworked 600 forks on one of my GS's but not sure which ones are on my other GS, I think they are 750.

    Anyone know how to tell?

    The fork lowers in question are charcoal in color and there is S254-L SA-2 embossed on the left fork.
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    As far as I kow, all the forks I've ever seen on the early Kats, 600's AND 750's, 89-97, are ALL the same!

    Only difference I've ever noted was lower color...............

    I've worked on about 100 so the last two years. I have about 10 sets of bent forks here now from the 89-97 Kats, and I also have 6 bikes. ALL those froks are the same too.

    41mm, all the same length, same top caps, same brake bolt positions, etc.
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      RaceTech has the forks listed as made by different manufactures, 600 (KYB) & 750 (Showa). The external dims are the same but internals must be different since different emulator part numbers are used. Do the internals look the same to you?
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