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JC Whitney's no-name brake pads...

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  • JC Whitney's no-name brake pads...

    Is anyone familiar with these pads?

    I'm just looking for some reliable pads comparable to OEM. Normally I'd pass anything up on JC Whitney when there isn't a brand mentioned anywhere, but the low price makes me curious. Anyone tried these out or know what brand they are? My pads are pretty much gone all around, and I've gotta get some new ones on quick. Thanks--
    '01 TL1000R

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    IMHO: Skip 'em.

    By the time you pay shipping, you're close to what you would pay for very high quality EBC's or Gaffers, etc. I'm of the belief that unless you are ordering other things as well, brake pads should be gotten locally because of the weight & related shipping costs -- what use is saving $5 if you pay $10 for S&H?

    My personal preference is EBC "HH" compound brake pads for the front, "HH" compound for the rear for experienced riders or "GG" compound in the rear for 1st year riders (since HH is much grabbier by definition). Expect to pay $23 - $27 per pair for the front, $19 - $24 for the rear.

    Good Luck!
    =-= The CyberPoet
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