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    Hey guys, I've decided to get a brand new shock for my 89 750 rather than get a used one.
    The shock I will get is by a company here in the UK called Hagon they will build it to my spec.
    Before I give them my details can I ask the members if the GSXR1100 shock will suit my needs as Hagons GSXR1100 standard shock will cost quite a bit less than a fully tailor made shock.
    My requirements are that it should be longer than stock which the 1100 is to raise the rear end of the bike.
    It should be strong enough for my weight and riding style which is 260 lb fast road riding with occasional two up riding.
    Your input would be greatly appreciated as I don't relly mind paying the extra for the tailor made shock but it would be nice to be able to spend it on some other bolt on goodies

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    There's a sticky on here about just this subject. I believe it said that the 1100 shock was a good swap. Keep us informed as to the cost & how it fits/works. There may be a merket for it.


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      Does Hagons have a website?
      Also, how much do they get for the custom and for the 1100?

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        I have some experience with gsxr shocks. Currently I'm using a gsxr 750 shock, I used a gsxr 1100 shock for a couple days before I determined that it needed a rebuid. I'm 165lb and my 750 shock's spring is too light for 2 up riding. Sure I tool around the city 2 up but I'd never try any serious riding with a passenger. Given my little experience with a spent 1100 shock, I think at your weight the spring would be too soft for 2 up and possibly too soft for just you. I'm sure the company your dealing with could put a heavier spring on thier gsxr 1100 shock.
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          web add

          Hagon can be found at
          Prices are about 240 for the standard shock & about 290 for the made to measure plus post & packing