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lowering the suspension???

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  • lowering the suspension???

    This my be a stupid question but I'm curious. I've seen gsxr and cbrs around town that are lowered. I was wondering if it is possiable to lower a kat and not mess it up. The reason I ask is that a buddy has a kat 600 and is about 2 inches to short for it so at lights he cant sit flat footed. I hope this question doesnt sound stupid I just want my friend to be more comfortable. If anyone has any idea how to do it or if it can or cant be done please let me know.
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    Searching the forums will give you all the details (use the search feature above -- search for lowering + dogbones).

    Altering the spring preload at the rear shock
    Longer rear suspension links (dogbones) to drop the rear
    Sliding the forks up through the triple-trees some.
    Shaving the seat foam or replacing the seat with a Corbin to lower the seat height
    Switching to 60 profile tires in the stock sizes instead of 70's.

    That's pretty much the full list of what can be done to lower it. Changes at the rear (longer dogbones) need to be matched at the front (raising the forks) to keep the same general angle of the front forks, or the handling can go screwy...

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      And just for the record, I am 5'8" and cannot flat foot my katana. However, an experienced rider should not be that worried about it.

      Tell him to slide a cheek over a little....

      Taking some height from the seat is probably the best as it interferes with the bike the least. Also, you don't have to make it a thinner top to bottom - making the seat more narrow will allow you to straddle it easier as your legs are closer together, especially near the tank.

      (and I know that not getting both feet down is scary for a rookie, I am just saying that a little tip toeing is not that bad... I really want a KLR 650 and I am about 4" too short for that bike and I am completely confident I can ride it with no mods to make it shorter.....)
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        Thanks for the info guys. I'll let my buddy know
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          Race-tech has a suspension service that lowers the spring somehow . I saw it on their site ... Oh , that's shorten shock travel . Might still be handy somehow , though .
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            these guys sell a nice set of lowering links for the rear suspension. (though they are not currently listed" They work nicely and lower the Kat about 2" Keep an eye out, this seller lists them often or just email them to get a set.


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              how much do they usually sell for on ebay? my kat's lowered 2" in the front only, and i was thinking of lowering the rear to match. will it affect handling too much?

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                Originally posted by takirb
                how much do they usually sell for on ebay? my kat's lowered 2" in the front only, and i was thinking of lowering the rear to match. will it affect handling too much?
                they sell for $35 + $5 for shipping.
                I lowered my wifes bike using these exact parts and didn't have any trouble with handling. We both still ride it, two up is not a problem either.


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                  I don't recommend altering the preload of your suspension to change ride height. Preload is there to set proper sag, that's it. Have the bike sit about 30% into its suspension travel range.

                  Dogbones (like the "lowering links" mentioned above) are the way to alter the Kat's ride height. Either that, or a custom shock with ride height adjustability. Though, I doubt you'll get 2" of adjustability from such a shock, especially just 2" DOWN.


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                    I have lowered both the front and the back of my kat no problems rides the same seems to be easier to handle and much better when it is windy out.
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