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  • Gafler Brake Lines

    I am upgrading my brake lines to the Gafler SS lines. I had the right side caliper on and went to rebuild the left hand side and found out I had lost one of the dust seals. Being in Wichita KS our wonderful bike shops do not carry these in stock. So I ordered another set from BikeBandit. While waiting for this I went ahead and upgraded the rear brake line. After getting the seal in I go to install the new Gafler line and the banjo bolt is the wrong thread!!! It is a fine thread instead of a course. Thought maybe they sent an extra but it was the only bolt left. All the others went in with out a problem so I know I didn't force on in somewhere I shouldn't have.

    Finally getting to the question after ranting and letting off steam. I know I can not use the stock banjo bolt because the fluid holes are much smaller on the Gafler. Does anyone know if an automotive store or any of the very limited motorcyle dealers in Wichita would carry a banjo bolt that would work with these lines? My entire weekend was planned around bleeding the brakes and finally getting this back on the road (not sure what that says about me if this was my entire weekend plans). I want to be safe and use the correct bolt, just don't want to wait around for the UPS person again. Need to move to a state the actually carries motorcycle parts in stock.

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    Sorry, Galfer not Gafler. Hard to say it was a type when I did it repeatably


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      Not an expert on the area, but I don't really see why you couldn't use your stock bolt? I mean, the seal is not depending on the bolt/hose hole sizes (and since it's a liquid there's no pressure losses with changing diameters of the tubing)... Did you try with the stock already?

      A local hydraulics company made me a SS braided (with rubber outside of the SS too, it's quite thick) rear hose in five minutes for lot less than if I would send for one with a brand name on it... It has a slightly larger inner diameter than the stock... and works fine.
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        Thanks, yes I tried the stock bolt already but the end fitting on the new brake line is narrower than stock. Since the hole in the banjo bolt is larger it extends out of the new fitting.

        I originally ordered these from Cyclebrakes and they are sending out a new banjo bolt priority mail. Looked everywhere to find one, and have one store to try on Saturday before giving up. Even went to one place called 'The Brake Shop' and asked them for the banjo bolt and the guy asked me if it needed to have the hole in it. He quickly figured out what he said but I think I will take my business elsewhere.

        Thanks for the help.


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          I ran into the same problem with the galfer lines. for some reason only one banjo was out of spec..I used the old banjo bolts and they work just fine. Had to get some different crush washers but otherwise they work fine.



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            For some reason, I too ran into the same problem as well... don't remember how it got resolved at the time, just that it did.

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