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2000 Katana 600 rear disc

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  • 2000 Katana 600 rear disc

    Hi everyone new rider here,

    I picked up a katana 600 recently as my first bike and the only thing it failed on inspection was rear discs being too thin and needing replacing. While browsing there are a LOT of different discs available with an even wider price range. From your all experience what rotor/pad combo do you all recommend running that wont break the bank, but also isnt super cheap? I look forward to meeting you all and discussing further.

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    I can honestly say that I have never had anyone measure the thickness of my rotors during an inspection. That is a new one on me. As a mechanic, it makes sense, just never seen it happen. I have always just picked up rotors from E-Bay or you might even be able to find one at a dealer pretty cheap. Rotors are common and will cross-over to other bikes as well. Ron Ayers is a good place to look up parts and will let you cross-reference the part number to see what else that part came on. I was always more concerned with stopping power up front instead of the rear since you do most of your stopping with the front brakes so I have always just run normal, stock pads in the rear.



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