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Front fork question

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  • Front fork question

    What all years will work for replacments. I have a 2002 Kat 600 and my forks are bent

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    Definitely 98-02. Possibly 03-06 as well, but 100% sure about 98-02
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      03-06 deletes the speedo spacer so I don't think they'll work.

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        I've confirmed the following information hands on....

        98-02 are matching parts.

        03+ would require replacement of entire front end including wheel and triples to match up working on the 98-02. It's not about the delete of the manual speed option setup, it's generalized spacing of the front end entirely... wider triples, differently shaped lowers on the forks, different hub and spacers on the wheels, different wheels, different .... so on... the matching point is the triples have matching mount for the steering stem, so....

        Now, depending on the CC you have, there are some parts that could be salvaged from another year model to replace the upper tubes if that's where the bends are (most common location) and make a good new set of forks.

        That said... I've had about 1 in 4 out of multiple used fork replacement purchases from ebay turn out to be actually straight. Most every one has had at least minor tweaks to the tubes and the seller has said "looked straight to me" because they were never separated and actually checked to be straight tubes.

        Are you keeping the bike long term? If yes, my recommendation would be replace with known good new tubes + upgrade the springs and add emulators now.

        If no, then... well, what ever works out for ya needs, good luck.

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