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Zero foot/rear brake question

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  • Zero foot/rear brake question

    Ok, so I procrastinated about getting things fixed until March like a lot of people but:

    last fall about a week before I parked the Kat for winter, I was getting off at an exit and realized I have no contact with the rear brakes. Front works normal, back gives me nothing, and I don't recall having any gradual fade to it.

    Any ideas?

    sorry: 97 kat 600 if that helps.
    Thanks to KR, everytime I look at my bike, my wallet screams "NOOOOOOOoooooo"

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    no fluid, broken brake line....
    I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. -- Edgar Allan Poe


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      Caliper seal toasted, leaking fluid.
      Master cylinder seal or piston bad.
      Brake fluid water contamination level so high as to generate air bubbles.
      Or bad brake line like paperairplane said.

      KNOW THIS:
      New brake lines front & back every 4th year. Caliper seals at least as often as the lines, or every pad change.
      New brake fluid all around at least every other year; every year in high humidity locations like Florida, coastal areas, etc., and whenever it's discolored or murky.

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        had that same problem w/ my car..turned out cylinder was leaking and a line had dryrotted so much it was leaking as well. it was an old car i had anyways, so it didnt surprise me.


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          yep, it's either a blown line, caliper seal, or MC. I'd start with the lines. Maybe time to upgrade to SS lines?


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            sorry for the slow reply, been working on the house.

            I went out into the garage to see if I could see any evidence of fluid leakage or anything of the sort (quick glance, didn't take any plastic off).

            I didn't see any signs of fluid leakage, but I did find this:

            I guess this could be part of the problem?

            What bolt is this and what is it's absence causing? Hopefully I can get some time this weekend to take the plastic off for a full inspection.
            Thanks to KR, everytime I look at my bike, my wallet screams "NOOOOOOOoooooo"


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              looks like tho bolt that holds the rear master cyliner in place. if that's the case, you wouldn't be compressing the piston to activate the rear caliper, therefore no rear brake. get a bolt for it and see if that solves your problem.


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                thanks dan!

                I'll try to pick up a bolt from the stealer, or NAPA this week.

                *one step closer to riding again woohoooooooo!*
                Thanks to KR, everytime I look at my bike, my wallet screams "NOOOOOOOoooooo"