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    hey all.. ive picked up a mitsubishi td05 turbo.. im in the process of rebuilding it and hi-flowing (hehe all that car work is paying off)

    ive fabricated a custom oil cooler thats slightly larger then a gsxr1100 item and is from alloy

    im fabricating a full stainless exhaust inc the turbo headers as we speak too..

    ive got the bike booked in to have a heavy duty kevlar clutch installed in 2 weeks too!

    next is to find is a set gxsr750 cams and gsxr1100 carbs.. and finish off the half started mods of neons, mesh and undertail/led lighting

    anyways.. thats not what we are here for lol... im wanting to gain some top end speed from the bike.. atm i maxx it out at 250 kmph (150mph) on the dial. i want to bump that up to 280kmph or more of i can

    the turbo should provide enough stomp to push the taller gearing im chasing.

    so my question to you good ppl is.. what cogs should i change? take the standard 15t front and 45 t rear and replace it with a 16t front 48t rear?? plz help me out


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    You can go up one in front, but you need to go DOWN in back for more top end.

    For example, most folks like the down -1 in front, +2(or3) in the back for better acceleration. That lowers your top end speed, so do the opposite for more top end.

    There are a few people that have gone down in the back for more fuel efficient cruising on the highway. The last one I remember was -2 in the back I think.
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      thanks for the reply meikol.

      hmm... think i'll give a 16t/42t combo a go first... its only 75 bucks for some sprockets anyways.. no big loss.

      next question.. does anyone know what im going to do about the difference in speedo reading? gearing for more speed will make the speedo read less then what it actually is :S

      i might have my electrical wizard of a mate make me a new digital speedo...hmmm *thinking- rattle rattle*



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        Try a "Speedo-healer" or a "yellow-box" to correct it.

        There was just a group buy thread for those. Search it out, there is a link to the manufacturers page.
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          It's here:

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