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Rental Morgan CarbTune Sync Tool now avail!

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  • Rental Morgan CarbTune Sync Tool now avail!

    I picked up another Morgan CarbTune just for those of you who don't want to (or can't) flat out buy one. So now you can "rent" the tool for your own use. The tool includes the 5 and 6mm adaptors required for most Honda's and Yamaha's, as well as for some other Suzuki models; it includes the hoses, restrictors, pouch and instruction manual as well. Full instructions on how to sync a Kat can be found on my website here:
    How to Syncronize a Kat's (GSX600F/GSX750F) Carbs


    (A) DEPOSIT: required deposit via paypal is $135. This represents the replacement cost of the tool/pouch/accessories plus shipping to you.

    (B) RENTAL FEE: $5 per-week rental fee (based on day it leaves, day it returns, rounded to the highest whole week). If you can sync in a single day, you can get it back within the first week without issue.
    This amount is basically just enough to offset my time to box/ship/receive/check-the-unit and the paypal fees for accepting the payments, plus to encourage you to use the unit & return it in a speedy manner.

    (C) REFUND: On return of the tool in good shape with all contents within 30 days, you get the deposit back, less the shipping costs and the rental fee.
    (C1) TIME LIMIT: If the tool doesn't come back within 31 days from the day it left for whatever (any) reason, you just bought it and I order another one for other people to rent, unless the USPS computer tells me the package never arrived at your end to begin with (e-delivery confirmation). I highly recommend that you purchase insurance for the return shipment, in case it gets damaged or lost, so they shipper will reimburse you for the lost/damaged shipment.
    (C2) RETURN CONDITION: If the tool comes back missing pieces or broken, the cost for replacing those parts directly from the manufacturer will be deducted from your deposit before you get your refund.

    (D) RETURN LABEL: unit will ship with a return label in the box that does NOT include postage.
    (D1) PRE-PAID RETURN LABEL: You can ask for pre-paid return postage, optionally including insurance, to be sent with the unit when it ships to you -- if so, that amount will also be deducted from your deposit upon it's return.

    =-= The CyberPoet
    Remember The CyberPoet

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    Woohooo! Thanks Cyber. We've had a lot of talk on the subject so thanks for stepping up and making it happen.


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      good deal Marc.

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        Thank's for offering this CP, I think it will help out some that can't afford to purchase a new unit or find one used.

        EDIT: oh can this be stickied for easy access when someone is looking to rent this tool?