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Please welcome and JoeFlorida

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  • Please welcome and JoeFlorida

    Please welcome Joe Florida, and as our newest supporting vendor on

    This area can be used to ask Joe Florida questions about products, or for him to post special offers or promotions.

    Originally posted by JoeFlorida View Post
    all members get a 10% discount on all my products...


    Welcome to! Click here to register
    Don't forget to check the Wiki!

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    Welcome...May have to place an order closer to springtime.
    Can't blame me for something I don't remember.


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      Welcome to KR!



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        Welcome, Got some good stuff there might have to place an order


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          YES!!! Discount for all members...

          :smt006I'm glad to be here... And yes all members get a 10% discount on all my products...

          When you get to my web site first check out the "Crotch Rocket Accent Light Kits" category... You'll find some great stuff that you can install yourself...

          You can dress-up your bike without spending a lot of money... and I'm alway here to help if you need me...

          If you need anything or have any questions let me know...
          The best to you... JoeFlorida...


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            Welcome to KR! I just checked out your page, and wish i had known about you before I installed 96 leds on my bike.

            Your kits look very complete.
            It doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you ride.


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              Welcome to KR, Wish I had know, your set is better then the one I have... Might change to yours...
              2001 Kawasaki zx1100

              2000 Kat 750, in 600 Yellow. (GONE but not forgotten)

              Bike pics link:


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                The lighting sets are nice and easy to install. Also shipping was very quick. I order on a friday afternoon, and it showed up in my mailbox on monday. excellent product

                pictures are hard to see...

                2006 Suzuki Kat GSX750F


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                  We're glad to have you Joe, looks like there's a ready market here already

                  Welcome to! Click here to register
                  Don't forget to check the Wiki!


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                    I know I'll be ordering some in the near future.

                    Long Live the D


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                      wcome to kr
                      02 Suzuki Katana 750
                      05 Suzuki Boulevard C 50

                      If i wanted to hear an a$$hole i would just fart!!!!



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                        wow, this seems like a pretty good site. i especially like this: (quoted from the site)

                        ----"And maybe most important a life-time guarrantee... A light burns out, you break it, mis-use, whatever... Return the LED and I will send you a replacement totally free of charge... The life-time guarantee is good for as long as you own the bike. If you do not like my kit for any reason when you receive it just return the complete kit and receive a full refund... No questions asked and of course no mumbo-jumbo. Also, I will not abandon you after the sale... I am available to assist you with your installation just call or e-mail me."

                        sound like you guys back your product up 110% love it, you will see my order soon when ever i get this bike together

                        welcome to kr


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                          Welcome to KR,

                          Excellent site and prices. Is there any certain kit you would recommend for a post 98 Kat. I really like the 44 LED kit but not sure if it will be too much...If there is such a thing.



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                            =USAF= Retired

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                              Welcome to KatRiders.
                              I will be ordering from you in the near future.
                              2006 Black N Gold Katana 750.
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