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HRS Is Moving On!!

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  • HRS Is Moving On!!

    Hi all,

    Well if some of you have noticed I have not been around all that much lately, I have been giving Racetech a test ride sorta speak and yesterday I sat down with Paul Thede and discussed some details and it looks like I am going to be there for quite some time. One of the requirements of course is I can't do suspension work on the side as we want everything to come through the door. I have talked to them and they agreed to offer 20% off to my customers and if you want me to do the work just send in a note saying that you want Terry to do the work and they will give the shock or forks to me.

    I will still be checking in on the forum from time to time but not as nearly as much as I used to. Anyway thanks to all that put their trust in me for suspension work and I hope you enjoy your suspension for many years.


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    Good luck Terry!!! Hate to see HRS go, but rest assured, I'll still be sending my note saying I want you doing the work on my stuff. Keep in touch man!!!

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      On the plus side now get 20% off the G3 shock....
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        Congratulations T-Mod! Good luck on your new venture...


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          I miss you already T!
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            Good Luck man!

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              Aww man!

              Sounds like good news for you, though. Congrats!
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                Congrats !!!! I love good news
                Try and keep up now


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                  Terry, if you do the sort of job at Racetech that you did for my friends and I, THEY are definitely getting a good deal. Good luck with this new gig and I plan to keep using racetech on my little world of riding. I may be tempted to ask for advice here and there from time to time....


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                    I'm glad we can at least request for you to work on our stuff.
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                      That is great news. I know we had talked about it a while back, and I am happy it worked out for you.


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                        Congrats Terry. I'll have the stuff off the race bike and out to you around Christmas.

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                          Best of luck terry.
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                            congratulations !
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                              Congrats Terry! I'm still loving all the stuff you've done for me. Glad I can request you to do the work when/if I ever upgrade bikes and need new suspension stuff again.