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Suzuki Katana Frame Sliders 1998 -2006

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  • Suzuki Katana Frame Sliders 1998 -2006

    Patent Pending

    The fairing and mirror saver
    Suzuki Katana frame slider clamps and sliders (Both sides are included) $114.99

    Black Delrin sliders included. 1.25” x 3” These sliders are also CNC machined with an excellent fit and finish. They will mount to these clamps and everything can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Standard black Delrin or carbon fibre look(add 5.00 for carbon). 2 sliders included.

    Benefits of these sliders;
    · CNC Machined from solid billet high quality 6061 aluminum
    ·Precision machined to tight tolerances
    ·No modifications necessary; no drilling required or no need to cut any part of the fairing.
    ·No need to remove the fairings for installation
    ·Install in less than 4 minutes
    ·Step by step installation instructions included
    ·Designed specifically for Katana’s or GSXF motorcycles
    . Note: I can drill and tap the mounting hole to accept any size thread: please feel free to ask for this modification if necessary.

    Please PM me or email Me at

    What are they?
    Call them crash protectors, crash bobbins, fairing protectors or frame sliders, this item will protect your expensive bodywork or the essential and often expensive structural parts of your motorcycle from damage in the event of a fall or tip-over.

    Why did I design them?
    Every Katana 600 that I have looked at is always damaged on the right hand side. This happens when the bike is dropped when it is being put up on the center stand. These frame savers will prevent any damage from happening if the bike is dropped.
    I found that I was not able to purchase frame sliders for my 04 Katana and I decided to have a local shop manufacture a set for me. They worked very well and now I am offering them to you.
    These frame sliders are manufactured for a 99 to 07 Katana . They are manufactured from 6061 aluminum and easily attach to your motorcycle in less than 4 minutes. There are no holes to drill and no modifications to make. These frame slider clamps will accept any Katana bar end as the slider portion. The actual slider is not included. This auction is for the clamp only. Choose any bar end available from Suzuki and easily attach it to this clamp. There are many styles and colors available.

    Design considerations:
    I am an engineer with 20 years of manufacturing and design experience. I designed these clamps with a solid modeling cad systems and CNC machined them from solid billet aluminum. Unlike other designs with many components to hold and fumble with during installation, this clamp is made of 1 solid piece and is very easy to install. Recognizing that a slider can damage a frame, I have also paid careful attention to the position of the slider. The slider is positioned directly over the frame and any forces applied will impact the center of the frame. You need to be careful when selecting a slider: some types have the slider positioned to the left or the right of the frame and a torsion load is applied to the frame that could it to twist. The further the slider is from the center of the frame, the greater the moment arm and the greater the torque factor is and the more likely twisting damage will occur.

    Shipping (Anywhere in Canada and the US)

    $15.00 for the front sliders (Tracking included)
    $10.00 for the rear exhaust protector
    $15.00 combined for a full set (Tracking included)

    World wide shipping is $15.00 for the rear slider (No tracking number)
    World wide shippiing is $25.00 for the front set (Including a tracking number)
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    2004 600 Kat

    Billet Aluminum frame clamps and custom delrin sliders for 98+ Kats

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    Just a short testimonial - I ordered a set of these last week. WELL WORTH every cent! Hopefully I never have to actually "use" them, but if you ever lay your bike down, would you rather damage some inexpensive sliders, or a $750 fairing?

    It's not a hard decision - buy these sliders!
    Mike - Reno, NV
    2005 GSX 600F (Blue/White)


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      I have a question

      What about sliders for the rear of the bike? I understand that most of the damage to the bike, if ever dumped, would be on the farings and such but what about saving the rear sides? Do they make sliders for that part?
      Speed limit?! Pishaw!