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Gearing Up If your going to ride you need good gear!
Tell us what you've got and find out what others are wearing.

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Old 04-04-2012, 12:42 AM   #21
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I work at a dealership and put people in helmets every day. The number one thing is make sure it fits you. Even different models in the same brand fit differently. Like the Shoei Qwest is more of an round oval and the RF1100 is more of an elongated oval. The Arai's tell you which helmets fit what shape heads so pay attention to that. Also while yes just putting helmets on is a decent way to fit a helmet. Ive found that probably about 75% of people where to big of a helmet. I found this out when I started measuring peoples heads after they have picked a helmet and size out then checking the sizing charts. If your head is 56cm and your wearing a med. shoei or arai then your wearing to big of a helmet. Most people will up the size to make a certain helmet fit when they more than likely need to change the helmet to a different one.

Also give your local dealership a chance. Every dealership I know of in this area is willing to do some sort of price matching. Online stores and dealers all get there stuff from the same venders and at pretty much the same price. I know that I can normally match online prices and then you can keep your money local and keep the economy growing. Most of you think that the dealerships are making tons and tons of money. well they arent. It cost alot to keep over 300 helmets in stock and give you the luxury of going to one store to try on a bunch of different helmets at least give them a chance. If they wont. message me and ill hook you up
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I've posted about the Shoei Qwest before - nicely made and because it's different from other Shoeis, it actually fits my head and is really comfortable. But, it's SO noisy. (So much for their claimed "Noise Reduction Technology"!!??.) Shoei even supplied free the neck curtain to make it quieter - no improvement. Before a ride yesterday, I glued a rubber windlip to the windscreen. That has stopped the air compressor pounding my ear drums, but now the dirty air is around the middle of the helmet and it just roars. I've had no such issues with the HJC or Shark.

If you can, don't just try them in a shop for fit - ask for a test ride.

(I noticed that my old HJC visor is exactly the same contour as the bubble in my DB windscreen. My next move will be to extend the screen with the cut down visor and add the windlip to that.)
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Old 04-04-2012, 08:56 AM   #23
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Thanks for all the input guys. Much appreciated
I guess the next step is to find someplace that has a stock and start trying them on. Got time for more reasearch tho, as I wont be riding until mid may at the earliest.
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Old 04-04-2012, 08:48 PM   #24
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I'm gonna agree that you should get your helmet fit in-person. If you order online, you should be willing to go through the hassle of sending it back a couple of times before you even begin the purchasing process. Don't just settle for an odd-fitting helmet because you grew tired of sending them back.

I'm not going to get into the arguments regarding this brand or that, because it's not a brand thing but a price thing. The nicer helmets aren't necessarily more protective, but they tend to be made with higher quality materials that are more durable and comfortable. You'll likely be tempted later to dump an uncomfortable helmet if you buy too cheaply. Good luck finding the proper fitting helmet.

Also, please don't go waste a store's time trying on their gear, then dump out of there and order online. Support your local bike shops. There is often no way they can match an online retailer's prices because they don't deal in volume. Give 'em a break if they're in the ball park and the gear fits correctly.
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