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Bodyshop Got a tweaked piece of plastic? Some roughed up paint? Here's the place to get some tips on repairing your Suzuki Katana.

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Old 02-17-2017, 02:45 AM   #1
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Default Make a Windscreen

Hey Just thought I'd share this as I had some trouble finding topics about making screens.
just so happened (care of new road repair and loose gravel on a blind corner) I was in need of a new screen and didn't have a lot of time to get one

So here's what I did
Local hardware and get a piece of 3mm Acrylic (tip: get enough to make more than one and perspex is a better option but this was handy) and draw a rough outline (I used a piece of the broken screen to get it roughly in shape)

Cutout with care and a fine jigsaw blade

For the next bit get a tray, some sand and form a rough mould (tip: the spray bottle is to keep the sand wet).

Not a lot left but it's a start to make the right shape

Lay Aluminium foil over the sand (no the acrylic doesn't stick to it) put it in a big oven (ok the Mrs was a bit concerned I was going to use the house oven) BBQ cranked up works well enough. Lay the cutout over the mould

Around 275C worked pretty well give it ten minutes or so or when it's visibly pliable and drooping, it was pliable enough to press it down with my welding gloves on. Allow to cool somewhat and (OK! modelling skills need work)

I was planing just to reheat this one after I had trimmed it up better but managed to crack it and then it warped when I applied the heat gun

So I used this one as a better template and shaped the sand to a better curve


Half a days work and getting there

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Old 02-17-2017, 11:17 AM   #2
Kat King
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And I thought I was creative. I am astounded!

"A knight proves his worthiness by his deeds."
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Old 04-13-2017, 04:19 AM   #3
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Default Exhaust mod option

LOL I'm just a cheap ass bastard but I needed to get it back on the road quick. I think there are other clever people around but I did have fun doing this.

Half way through the rear end swap I finally realized the original exhaust was not going to fit back Dough!

I hadn't thought that through so I had to organise something as a place holder just to get it on the road.

So came up with this idea

Take one RF900 pipe

A little bit of tweeking

And again Voila!

In hindsight I should have painted it black to hide all the daggy bird poop at least I didn't have to swap the sump out and it only cost me $150 all up.

It actually works pretty well surprising considering it still has the resonating chamber things on it, one day i'll take it to the shop and get them to make it properly.

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Old 04-13-2017, 11:20 AM   #4
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Is the can actually sticking out that far? Or is the camera playin a Tom Foolery on me?
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Old 04-13-2017, 06:09 PM   #5
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Nah I don't think it sticks out too far, it is actually the rf can cut down the position its in allows the wheel to come out, away from the pegs and gives max lean angle
it's not the best but all I could come up with with what I had

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