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Skid Mark
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Default Chain and sprocket info

Gearing the 03 600 up for the new year. It needs a new chain before I ride it much. So I figured Id through in new gears as well. I know the stock setup is 15/47 with a 118 link 530 chain.

Id like to increase the acceleration a bit. So im gear shopping. Im thinking 15/49 or 50. Anyone have any good recomendations. Also, anyone have any clue on how much gain the stock chain can allow for? Or know a place i can order a 119 link chain?
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Two links per tooth.
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Kat King
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Order a 120 link chain, cut to length when installed. Chain will have to be even numbers, so... most likely 120 is the length you need.

I'd suggest the 15/50 or 15/51.

This make the bike feel like it's a gear lower. So ride around in 1 gear lower than you normally would for a few days, do you like that? Example... Never use 6th, stay in 5th gear.

If your normally cruise down the road in 4th, use 3rd...

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