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Default FYI Dead Battery 200A charger boost Jump weirdness

98' 600 kat

Got the kat out of the garage last week, battery was dead. Jumped it with jumper cables and a running automobile. (I know, not recommended) I drove on to work with no issues.

later I went out to start the kat, battery dead.

rolled it around to the plant shop and used a battery charger with a 200A starter boost. (I know, not recommended)

when I turned the key to on, all the dash and headlights lit up normally but the tach jumped straight to 5.

turned the switch off, it dropped to zero.

regardless of this weirdness, I proceeded. I turned the key, the tach needle went to 5. I hit the start switch and after a couple of attempts it started. It stopped immediately upon depressing the start switch.

It would not stay running.

I was beginning to believe after forum searches and google searches that I had damaged the electrical system by jumping the bike in the manners I chose.

I had never researched prior about jumping a bike with automobiles running or not or charger/boost starters. I have used both with no damage.

I took the battery out and charged on maintenance over the weekend. It revived.

I installed it in the kat and ran the battery down trying to start it. I proceeded to hook up the 200A charger/boost.

this time no tach needle jump.
this time it started and remained running even after I depressed the start switch.

all voltages read good. The bike is now starting off the battery alone.


long story short. Always start troubleshooting electrical with a fully charged battery.
yep, I think I'm finally responsible enough to ride a bike that I don't have to pedal ; )

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