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Mechanics 101 Can't get it to run right? Find a trick to add HP?
From the first oil change to completely rebuilding the engine,
this is the place to talk about the heart of the beast!

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Old 07-01-2009, 02:28 AM   #1
Join Date: May 2009
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Default Blown motor?

Rawrrrr I'm ****ed.

Speeding up to get on the highway.. 10k rpm.. shifted gears... then all of a sudden I hear clunking noises so I clutch in and go to a stop on the side of the highway.

Lost oil... tried to see if bike would at least turn over with the starter but it won't. It's dark out so I can't see what if any visable damage is done.

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You have to get some sort of light onto the engine and figure out what's going on. Without a visual inspection there is no way of knowing if it is simply an oil line that broke dumping your oil causing an overheat, or something busted your oil pan or if a connecting rod broke loose and exploded through the cylinder block or engine case. Get a look at it in some light and let us know what you find. If the engine didn't seize and lock up the back wheel on you, it COULD be not so bad.



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Old 07-01-2009, 02:08 PM   #3
Join Date: May 2009
Location: canada
Posts: 68


damnit. So after the sun came up today I went to look at it..

Should I try to look for a replacement engine? I'm on a Island in Canada so its harder I would imagine to find a replacement ):

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Old 07-01-2009, 02:19 PM   #4
Kat Champion
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JB Weld will fix that right up.

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Old 07-01-2009, 02:21 PM   #5
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Old 07-01-2009, 02:32 PM   #6
Kat King
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Is that the small end on the connecting rod that shot through the case? If so...I don't envy you. That's crazy.
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but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.
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Old 07-01-2009, 02:43 PM   #7
Join Date: May 2009
Location: canada
Posts: 68


This blows.. Only got to ride it for 2 and a half tanks.

And this also sucks having to have 50 posts to post into the WTB section.

Someone have a post-98 engine forsale?
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Old 07-01-2009, 02:54 PM   #8
Tank Slapper
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Look on the bright side, now you have an excuse to install a bigger engine...

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Old 07-01-2009, 03:03 PM   #9
Kat Legend
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Did the crank break? How the heck is the rod cap still on the rod?
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Old 07-01-2009, 03:08 PM   #10
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this is the first katana motor i have ever seen blown to bit like that. what caused this ? low oil or what? i mean for the motor to blow apart?
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