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Suzuki Acronymer
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Default '04 Kat 750 - No shock rebound adjustment - wheel spins with no stops - normal?

Help! Please, O Kat riders, tell me if your shock rebound damping adjuster wheel spins freely (while clicking of course) or does it screw in and stop, and stop also when screwed 'out?' Pic below shows what I mean:

I have the bike's original shock dismantled (done 17,000km/approx. 10,000 miles) because the shock rebound damping was stuck on maximum resistance, i.e the rear of the bike would rebound very very slowly. No amount of turning adjuster wheel would make any difference. My suspicion - see pic below - is that the needle became detached from the adjuster rod. Thing is, I bought a replacement used shock, just arrived, which also has a spin-with-no-stop rebound adjuster wheel.I am trying to figure out if this is a common fault; if anyone else has found a fix for this; any tips or advice really. My working theory is that the needle must have seized into its seat, and then the previous owner - in attempting to screw the adjuster 'out' -perhaps pulled the adjuster rod's splines out of the seized needle head. Maybe?

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Contact Terry at www.norwestsuspension.com
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Suzuki Acronymer
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Thanks. I have emailed Terry.
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