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Skid Mark
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Question 96 Kat 750, hesitant acceleration until 4k

Hey there, just bought a 96 Kat 750 with 23k miles about a month ago. It starts with choke, and w/o if its warm enough, but after I get going for the first couple minutes, the bike is very hesitant to accelerate up to about 3.5k, and then it clears after that for the rest of ride. Im thinking some sort of clogged jets as the bike is old, but last year it had its carbs cleaned out so im a bit confused. Should I give seafoam a try or does it sound like a different problem

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I'm not a Seafoam user myself. Maybe you'll get lucky. Some people claim good results.

There are opportunities for vacuum leaks to occur that might give you a lean condition off idle.

Does it idle ok?
2006 750
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Kat Legend
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Does adding more choke more help?
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Kat King
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Generally speaking a carbed bike won't be very responsive until it's warmed up a little bit, that may take a couple -5 mins to do so. Cold bikes will be a little sluggish in response.

If the jets are clean and you still feel that it takes too long for the bike to be responsive, then a carb adjustment to richen the mix a little may help. This probably would start with adjusting the air/fuel screws (are those set at 2.5 turns out now?) to a little further out and checking how the bike responds. If your not sure how much to adjust, do 1/4 turns at a time and check.

93 750 Kat

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Cheap Bass Turd
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I bought an '89 750 last year that wasn't right but ran well enuff.

For me it took taking apart the carbs. Got lucky on the
price as nothing leaked, and we're synched up pretty well. Also, I
used a whole can of Seafoam to 2 gallons of gas on the first fillup
after my generic rebuild n' sync. Dunno which one worked. LOL

Ride on,

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Old 05-14-2018, 07:47 PM   #6
Chicken Strip
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I got a 94 Kat 600 and I have the same thing happening, however it never happens if I start the bike and let it warm up for about 5-7 min even if it starts without choke, next time start it and let it idle for 10 min or so and report back, these take a while to warm up even if it starts without the choke, but like I said let it idle for about 10 min and let us know if it still does it, I'm curious to know, it never did it for me if I let it warm up!
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