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Default Pilot jet/circuit cleaning

I've been battling recurring carb issues and poor running since Summer of '16. #3 was a problem early on, but apparently I just didn't seat the float system O-rings firmly enough as that's been fine since re-seating the floats. Latest chapter is that #2 & #3 are running perfect, #1 seems fine too, but has had some intermittent low EGTs during warmup according to my friend checking it with his temp gun (whenever I checked it with mine it was spot on though, so could be a measurement error on his part as he has a harder to aim 2 spot gun and mine is single). #4 not running at all unless on the main jet (at which point it runs great).

Today I pulled the pilot jets from 1 and 4. I could see no light through 4 and tried to clean with a brush bristle to no effect. 1 I could see a dot of light until I tried to clean it that way, so I figured I scraped something loose from the wide part and knocked it down to the narrows. I was out of carb cleaner, so I left the house to re-stock.

Upon arriving back home, the dot of light in #1 was back and looked perfect. #4 it's also there, but dimmer. The jets were just lying there, I didn't DO anything to them... So, I blasted #1 with carb cleaner and ran bristles through it, still looks perfect, so I reassembled. I think it was probably OK to begin with and whatever I scraped off is gone now, so not going to screw around with it anymore.

#4, there's obviously a pilot jet issue, but I have now started to wonder about the rest of the pilot circuit for that carb.

1) Where can I get a the appropriate tool to clean these pilot jets? (BST33SS carbs from a '94 Katana 600)

2) Can I feed something through the carb or use a vacuum tool to somehow test the internal portion of the pilot circuit on the carb?
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There is no tool....some have used fishing line. I dont use carb cleaner at all, useless unless its grease/oil. I use ether much stronger at dissolving gunk and dries clean. Ill spray it in there till it sprays good at the throat of the carb. A/F screw removed.
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Cheap Bass Turd
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Following indeed.

My '89 750 w/ the 36mm is very similar. Still working out the bugs for the upcoming
season. I'm near fully back to restored functional operation after suffering horribly
from hibernation sickness. Runs perfect when on the mains here too. These are my
first Miks after a lifetime of the CV40 on various bikes from the KLR to HD's.

I too have run a fine wire thru the pilots and have the screws at 2 turns but the
pipes warm unevenly after startup. Farts and pops but it does it less and less each
time I rebuild 'em. Getting the floats, o-rings, jets, both circuits, syncho, etc, etc
"righter" each time. LOL
Love this thing so far after a lifetime of dual sports and cruisers. Love that "ye-hah"
factor every test ride, and recently got the REAL title from Indianapolis since the
purchase 8 months ago. It's finally mine and screams !! !! Now just gotta do excactly
what you are finishing up too, 1LE' I hope you get this ironed out too of course and
the sooner the happier.....

CheapMark (part learner, part teacher, part Kat lovin' rider to be..)
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Old 01-14-2018, 01:50 PM   #4
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Pilot jets are very cheap. Just buy some new ones.
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Old 01-16-2018, 09:31 AM   #5
Chicken Strip
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I've had the mysterious dark but actually clean pilot jet issue before, it ended up just being a film/drop of liquid in the jet. If you hold the jet in front of your mouth and blow some air through it, it magically clears up even when it looked blocked before.

Maybe thats how yours cleared up spontaneously, and also how when you ran a bristle through 1 looked blocked again - maybe a film of liquid was still hanging around in there. It's enough to block most light in that small passage apparently.

I bet it's your pilot circuits or other circuits in your carb and not the jets. I was able to become fairly confident in checking the circuits in my carbs using a combination of spraying carb cleaner through and seeing if any came out of the other end and using a flashlight to also visually confirm that passages were open. Different circuits require a combination of both.

It takes a bit of time and logic to get through the whole carb, like a puzzle. But it pays off in the end. I bet if you take the time to go through all of carb 1 and 4 you'll find a passage or two that just hasn't quite gotten clean enough.
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