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All About Brakes & Suspension Everything from the best brake pads to use, installing new brake lines,
swing arm swaps, adjusting your suspension or rebuilding your forks.
Everything you need to know on those topics and so much more is here.

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Default Fork Oil Fuild Selection Data

Ok, choosing fork oil... not that straight forward.
Fork fluid for the 600f is 10w... but manufacturer labeling can be misleading.
Bellow a table from peter verdone... and link:


unfortunately cannot post images... so just link.

update on silkolene:
Silkolene fork fluid changed... now silkolene pro rsf... is just silkolene rsf...
Viscosity also changed a bit... here's a table:

Typical Data:
SILKOLENE RSF-----------|--2.5--|---5---|--7.5--|--10---|--15---|
Characteristics--Unit---|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|--Test method
Kinematic ----------------------------------------------------------IP71
at 100C--------mm2/s---|-5.34--|-8.56--|-10.92-|-13.69-|-19.5--|
at 40C---------mm2/s---|-13.6--|-24.1--|-35.1--|-47.4--|-93.1--|
ISO Viscosity Rating ---|--15---|--22---|--32---|--46---|--100--|
Viscosity Index (VI)----|--409--|--372--|--322--|--303--|--235--|---IP226
Specific Gravity at 15C|-0.819-|-0.851-|-0.844-|-0.871-|-0.874-|---IP160
Pour point ------C-----|-(-37)-|-(-45)-|-(-30)-|-(-39)-|-(-39)-|---IP15
SAE Rating--------------|--10W--|--20w--|--30w--|--40w--|--50w--|
Flash Point -----C-----|--75---|--120--|--132--|--140--|--185--|---IP34
Colour -----------------|Yellow-|-Blue--|Purple-|--Red--|-Amber-|

source: fuchs 2015

Higher viscosity index is better
Fluids from the same brand range can be mix for custom viscosity.
Viscosity at 100... lower than 10 for softer feel (or light riders)... higher than 10 for firmer feel (or heavy riders)

Tips from dave moss:

I like this brands:
spectro golden very light
redline medium
silkolene rsf 7.5

Just some info I gather, hope you guys find this useful.
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I use 15w synthetic by Fuchs. I prefer the firmer suspension, slower dampening. That is with the race tech goodies all around.
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Myself, i'm going to use fuchs silkolene rsf 10... from there I will or go down 2.5 or up 2.5 next time I change fork oil... will see how it goes.
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