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Riding Tips First bike? Old rider that learned a new lesson?
Post your questions, tips and experiences here so we can all learn from them!

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Old 12-04-2015, 02:17 PM   #61
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My 1st, and hopefully only, crash was after many years of riding on the road, 20ish years I'd say. I've hit the deck a few time's, but only one real crash. I suppose the headline injury was a broken neck and most of the joints on my left side.
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Old 12-23-2015, 01:08 PM   #62
Skid Mark
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Depends on big crash or small. My first bike lay down was a low speed driveway lay down... Got scuffed up pretty good.

My second... 7000 miles and a year later, I went down at 35 mph.. target fixation and i slid a good 10 feet. I walked away with just a few bruises, luckily i had just got some kevlar riding pants to help prevent more damage. https://www.motorcyclehouse.com/mens-motorcycle-pants . I remember when i went down, i was mostly concerned with how damaged my bike was and my new pants got messed up... wasn't even concerned with my body at the time. young and dumb haha
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Old 12-25-2015, 09:30 PM   #63
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Originally Posted by weegand View Post
havent crashed on the road yet, but almost every single near-crash experience was some old person not paying attention. i did have one idiot moment when i got off my bike, put the kickstand down and started walking away then heard a big ol crunch. turn around, turns out i didnt put it out the whole way. last time i ever let that happen haha
Good for you
43000 miles still up-right........ but I sure didn't put it on the kickstand properly once after I took it out the garage. I walked back to close the garage when I heard....boom
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Old 01-23-2016, 12:26 PM   #64
Skid Mark
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Just because you ride a motorcycle,it doesn't mean you're going to crash.
So much fun listening to peoples crash stories. I've heard a million of them.99% could have been avoided. Listen to other peoples stories and then, DON'T DO THAT !
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Old 05-19-2016, 08:13 AM   #65
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Plenty of near crash stories, two small crashes. Can't say the milage but it was within the first 6 months of the bike. As well as license :P

My first small crash was pure stupidity however.. Bike wasn't even turned on.. I checked the oil level, and leaned the bike back on the stand.. that had moved a few inches and the bike gently fell over.

2nd crash was me going into a corner way too fast, when I realized it I hit the breaks, but didn't managed to slow down in time before the turn. Chain fell off (bad maintentance) so I fell as well. Maybe 15mph.

Had a 3rd crash on a small Suzuki GN250 as well, riding during winter and hit an ice patch during a turn.

All crashes could have been avoided of course.
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Old 05-20-2016, 02:00 PM   #66
Kat Daddy
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Don't know how many miles, but from age 16 to age 51, never went down. Then, while driving in front of walmart, an suv turned into my side and t boned me. Needs therapy for my shoulder, my C14 was down for three months and was nearly totaled, her insurance company claimed I was half at fault (1), Geico took them to arbitration and they ruled that I was zero at fault last december
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Old 05-26-2016, 06:18 PM   #67
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I don't remember miles, but at age 16 0300, old freshly paved country road, caught an oil slick on my R6. My back wheel had 0 traction accelerating out of the corner, Wasn't a sharp corner so i was hitting about 90 when I was accelerating out.....I was fine..thank you soft country grass. (this was in Alabama)

Then again at 24 there is a little dip in our street that is really deep. Was distracted by a friend, and hit the front brake into the dip (the dip caused me to pull all the way back on the break) and it locked up and threw me down. (this one was totally my fault lol)

Then finally, age 24 maybe 5 months later? A pedestrian was waving me down at night to warn me about a downed tree....actually distracted me because I was trying to figure out what he was saying...then hit the damned tree. >.> Which is why I am currently looking to replace the wheel.
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Old 07-16-2017, 08:57 AM   #68
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My first bike crash was an 08 Harley street Bob with a 103" engine and 211 cams... I was dreaming about the cute waitress that said she wanted to go out sometime. I had 3500 miles under my belt, when I came out of the daydream I was doing 80 and the curve I was in was a little more severe than I wished it was. It was a country road and when I hit my brakes they just slid on loose gravely pavement. A phone box saved me from hitting a barbed wire fence and sent me into a cedar tree that was surprisingly soft.... I was lucky to survive that wreck let alone hobble away. The forward pegs and the chrome heat sheild acted like a meat slicer taking off a decent portion of my right foot.
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