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Tire Talk, Chain & Sprockets If it has to do with tires & wheels, then you're in the right place.
Best tire for a Katana? What's the tread life on a particular brand ? Size of a stock rim?
Chains & Sprockets? These questions and so much more are addressed right here !

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Old 02-25-2006, 11:30 PM   #1
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Default Wheel Bearing Grease

1. Can I add grease to the bearings without a complete disassemble?

2. Which grease is compatible with the OEM bearing grease in it now?

3. How do I remove the old grease?

4. Can I use the Extreme Pressure STA-PLEX Premium red grease(12 Hydroxy Lithium Complex base) that I use for my SUV Wheel bearings, in the bearings?

5. Can I use the Pennzlube Syn-Hub Plus(Blue in Color)?

6. Can I use the PENNLITH® ULTRA EP 1 or 2(Lithium 12-Hydroxy Stearate)?
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I got a can of regular hi-temp bearing grease that seems to work great for just about everything . I just wipe the old stuff off and smear a bunch of the new in .
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The CyberPoet
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There's no reason you can't use any standard high-temp wheel bearing grease. Some greases have more clay carriers in them than you might want, but unless you heat the grease to the point that it starts to liquify, you should never notice.

Remember that motorcycle bearings tend to run significantly hotter than car bearings usually do, because of heat transfer from the brake rotors (the primary reason the brake rotor is on a carrier is to help keep the heat from transferring to the bearings too heavily).

Use the new grease to push the old grease out.
Or wash them out with a parts degreaser (or spray brake or spray carb cleaner), dry them with compressed air and start with fresh grease. Between the air and the new grease, check them for smooth operation (i.e. - without the grease in them) to make sure you're not repacking bearings already worn badly.

PS - bearings for the Kat are pretty cheap, about $15 a side.

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