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Default Hard cases on a pre 750..... Pics?

So I have ordered a 50 liter Shad topcase, and two 43 liter sidecases for my 750, and I was wondering if anyone has any photos of mounts for any type of hard cases? There are several good mounting points, and I already have a few ideas, but if anyone has some photos of a proven system, I would love to see them.

I have a spare seat on the way that I plan to modify for touring, and in addition to the cases, I plan to fabricate a rack in place of the pass. seat to anchor my tent, sleeping bag, and probably some accomodation for an aux. fuel tank.

I hope to have everything ready for my first moderate trip in mid August... Maybe a little earlier to go for a shakedown ride, and get the feel of the extra weight hanging off the bike.
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