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Here’s mine. Kind of hard to measure but for reference the highest point of the center bubble is about 10” straight vertical from the trip meter reset knob. I can’t compare to stock as the stock screen was broken when I got the bike

I will say this about the budget screen: It's not great. Fit is ok-ish. Good enough I guess. I'm not 100% sure the bike is perfectly straight either...but the worst part is that the screen is clear right to the bottom, so you can see through it and see the wiring etc under the gauge cluster. So I'll take it off and paint the inside of the lower part black. But for ~$20 I'm happy with it. I haven't ridden the bike yet, at all, maybe later today I'll get a chance to take it for a rip. I just need to put the mirrors on. I finished everything else last night.

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