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For duals, youíll want to keep the stock header or Fab a splitter on a better header. Pick your cans (mufflers) and have a muffler shop bend up new mid pipes or use what you can from the old one and graft the new cans to them. I find it a better fit if you have new midpipes bent to where you want the cans. It cost me $2o total for my midpipe so, $40 for 2. If I can find another Devil can thatís my route.
Now for headers you can get lucky and find a yoshimura header, not likely. Use and after market header from ?. You can use a prior the 92 600/750 GSXR, Bandit header, or a post Katana header (98-06) but, youlíll need a post oil pan and oil pickup so, the header clears the oil pan. From there all of the above are still true.
There are whole systems still available for the old katana. They are single can only systems. V&H is one and very popular due to availability.
You could fab a whole exhaust or have one made also.
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