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Most automotive paint stores have a camera to match paint. Axalta (formally DuPont) and PPG are probably your best bet. Carquest stores were really good with paint, and even though Advance Auto Parts bought them, they seem to have kept paint in the markets that had it. The repair process of plastic is not so easy. You'll need a special glue like 3M 04247 to bond the cracks back together. An adhesion promoter like Bulldog would be needed, then a high build primer (2K urethane), and a polyester primer (USC 26006 Icing), and more primer before paint. With the cost of all of those products, it might be a better idea to try and find a used set on eBay. The products that I mention are not the only option, I just used them as examples. People that due bodywork have their favorites just like anyone else. Another option would be to check a local vocational school. A lot of them offer evening Auto Body classes for a reasonable price.
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