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Originally Posted by Waltari View Post
Yes but if your buying it because it's a pristine condition unmolested original, wouldn't that defeat the purpose? If you wanted to do that, you'd be better of finding a $500 basket case and doing a transplant. I waited 2 plus years to find a rolle basket case with no motor so I could drop a bandit 1200 motor into it. Would have felt guilty as hell pulling a good motor from a museum bike.

I would have to agree with Waltari. If you want to do a mods like that, get a basket case. There was one posted in TO about a month ago on kijiji. There is also one near Montreal a while back check out It is in french but they usually have good prices. The one in Montreal was 800 with a running gsxr 750 motor and swing arm. The To one was no motor.
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