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Originally Posted by Black_peter
Do you think the problem was specific to the 2 bros? or any slip-on?
The problem lies in the fact that the 1200 is a taller motor so the header hangs about 1/2" to 3/4" lower on the smaller motors. This is just enough to cause alignment problems. And although the header is lower, It does not hang down much past the lower fairing. The center stand stop mount needs to be cut off of the mid pipe too.

I thought you also should know that the B12 header is not much larger than the kat 750 header diameter wise. What makes it look large is the stainless steel outer liner. The Bandit 12 was designed to be a torque monster which means that they were designed with smallish primary tubes to increase flow velocities and low end torque.

When I get the chance I will post a pic with my new end can. I'm using a Two Bros M2 (European style) exhaust that looks and sounds sweet.

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