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Originally Posted by Tmod View Post
Question for ya here, Did the RT FMBO 41152 P (15mm wide) outer bushing work for you? I have the 06 750 and my outer bushings are only 8mm wide and the narrowest that RT has is the FMBO 41122 P which is 12 mm wide.
Wow I did not even know you posted this untill now.

I did notice the difference when I first bought them and even posted a thread about them.

I had no problems with the wider bushings on my forks.

Originally Posted by arsenic View Post
ok, squiggy, the 750 is 105mm for the fork oil capacity. Is that why you went 4" down? Cause the 600 is 115mm which is closer to 4.5" down?
OK, my bike is the 750 which Race Tech says 105 mm down on the fork tube which is a shade over 4 inches. This is what I measured when I set the oil level guage.

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