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Default Changes needed for full V&H system?

Pre 600 here.

A while back I picked up a good used full 4-1 Vance & Hines SS2-R system that came off a Pre 600. Before installing this I'm wondering what changes are needed to run acceptably vs required to run its best.

From my reading, need might be:

Pilot jet screws out to 3-3.5 turns and shim the needle up with a #4 brass washer.

Required to run its best:

Fuel mix screws out to 3-3.5 turns and Factory Pro jet kit set up right.

Yes, I know I should just do it right, but will have some time this weekend to possibly get the exhaust system on and would not have the FP kits here by then. Is it worth doing it with the shims and riding it or should I just order the FP kits and wait for my next opportunity?

Also, I ask the next question because I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I have new head/header gaskets but am wondering if the header to mid-pipe and mid-pipe to can connections each need a gasket of its own? I've read that those connections might not use gaskets but high temp o-rings or nothing at all???

Any and all help and opinions are appreciated!
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