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Originally Posted by shpielers View Post
Carbs synced?
That's the planned next step on resolving the root cause, but haven't been able to piece together a useable temporary tank setup yet and would like to keep riding in the meantime.

Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
All the idle screw does is open the butterfly on the carb to let in more air. Basically like turning the throttle a tiny bit. It just pushes a tab on it, it's a pretty simple mechanism. Might want to see if something is binding.

Is it a new bike? I'd probably revert the fuel screws to 2.5 turns to start to make sure it's not wildly off. It might need the pilot jet cleaned too.

Welcome to the land of carburators.
It's at 2.5 turns. Pilot jets were just cleaned 2 rides ago (it wouldn't run at all off choke before). Figure it needs a sync, but fueling this thing from a temp tank has turned into an epic adventure, so I did those couple of rides dealing with it by adjusting the choke when I come to a stop. I've sync'd a couple other metric bikes with no problem recently, but between the split fuel rail, what appear to be oddball fuel line sizes on this bike, plus what a PITA it is to get the tank off/at the carbs on this particular bike it is making me really cranky. To the point of not being in any rush to pull it apart again for the sync unless I'm actively damaging it... So, just want to make sure I'm not doing something bad like pulling in unfiltered air/contaminating the oil/etc.

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