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ok, you got some bigger spacers on the back!

well this two days, i've been working around the beast. nothing fitted right on the holes of the fairings.
But I think I got it about right now. first I banged the crap out of the battery holder until the holes fitted right.
then I figured out what was wrong with the tank, the problem was where the bar cushions contacted the tank was recessed (of 30 years pushing against the tank... there's a "dent" about 3-4mm on the right side.
after this the bracket that supports the headlight also required some twisting, then I found out that unscrewing a bit this bracket screws I could move the bracket up and down until the holes are in place...
Happier now... matching the fairings is almost done... next is redoing the fairing that are in bad shape.
Thanks for the tweaking tip.
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