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One of my biggest concerns on this project was the durability however one of my resources tells me that it has lasted over 35,000 miles with NO sign of ware at all. I wouldn't have taken the time to do this unless I was convinced it would last.

Apparently one of the solvents in the vinyl prep actually softens the surface of the vinyl so the flexible coating adheres to it, not just lays on top like paint but actually bonds to the vinyl.

I think the Duplicolor is more of a consumer repair product and not a commercial restoration product like the SEM line. I don't think I would have used it myself even with the small cost savings it would represent. Start to finish it took me the better part of eight hours to complete and I would have hated wasting that time just to save a couple of bucks.

I thought about recovering the seat with new black vinyl but I'm no upholster and wouldn't have known where to start.

Thanks for the comments, keep um coming!

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