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03-21-2007, 01:18 PM
Ok.... I decided to run the kat at lunch time to get rid of the S/F and get real gas into the system in preparation for tuning tomorrow when my adjusting tool arrives.

I was hearing an ignition spark from the left side. I couldn't see a spark but I could sure hear it.

Looking closely at the ignition coil, #4 wire has some white stuff on it. I touched it with my fingernail and it seems to be rubbery. Maybe a sealant but the other plug wires do not have this.

Maybe the plug is/was fouled on #4 from the S/F and the spark had to go somewhere.

There is a clip around the wires that look like they hold the wires into the coil. Are the spark plug wires serviceable or does the whole coil need to be replaced? The service manual has no mention of the plug wires. How much are one of those?

About how it ran...

Once the S/F worked its way out and it was on real gas, it ran OK taking into consideration that I left the pilot screws opened an additional 1/4 turn from where they were prior to cleaning the carbs.

The throttle had good response when you "cracked it open" but it took a couple of seconds for the rpms to get back to idle.

This is new... Will this occur if I have it too rich? I'll do the idle drop adjustment tomorrow but I was wondering if it sounds like I still have issues or if I am being paranoid..

Expect the worst, hope for the best!

A pic of the coil...

03-21-2007, 01:32 PM
The throttle had good response when you "cracked it open" but it took a couple of seconds for the rpms to get back to idle.

Sounds like there might either be too much slack on the throttle, or not enough (I can't remember exactly how it works). The 98+ carbs are push pull... with adjustment at the throttle, and at the carbs. Make sure you have some slack at both ends of the cable, then use the adjustment at the throttle side to fine tune.

Should crack to WOT with very little effort, and close back up right away.

I think if the pull is too tight... it's a little sluggish... it might take you 10 minutes at most to figure it out...

03-21-2007, 01:50 PM
I don't think have the cables too tight. The throttle hits the stops immediately when turning or releasing the throttle. If anything, they may be too loose as I am not done just yet but like I said, the throttle do-hicky immediately returns by the springs when released.

Might be just being paranoid.. I know it is too rich. I'll adjust the mixture screws tomorrow and see. I thought someone would know if my symptoms indicate too rich.

Now I have to deal with what I hope is a fouled plug causing the ignition coil to sound like it is sparking and not a broken coil.

Looks like I am replacing a plug or two tomorrow also. I have the old plugs that I changed when we first started having problems. There are only a couple hundred miles on them so I think I am good.

03-22-2007, 03:16 AM
Taking a while to come back to idle USUALLY means "lean" ,and given you thought there was crap in the carbs :thinking (can you put 2+2 togethr :-s ? ) ..... going with "crap in the pilot circuit". Sorry :dunno: .
The plug wires ARE replacable , but a BITCH to get them out wihtout FUBAR'ing those clips . Try to shove them back in and see if they feel tight .