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03-18-2007, 05:12 AM
I can't get those pesky white safety stickers Suzuki stuck all over the tank and cowl to come off easily. Someone suggested some kind of 3M sticker remover, but I don't want to ruin the finish.

Any suggestions?

And before any of you smarties tell me they're there for my safety and that I should leave them on, they're coming off! Done deal! It's just a matter of time! :x

Besides, they're not there for my safety anyway. They're there to release Suzuki from liability should I buy the farm riding their bike.

03-18-2007, 05:17 AM
Mr. Smarty...... use the search button. Been discussed many times before.

p.s. hint: Hairdryer

03-18-2007, 06:19 AM
1) hold a hairdryer 3 or 4 inches away from the sticker for a few minutes
2) try and peel back an edge SLOWLY, keeping the hairdyer pointed at the sticker
3) once the sticker is removed soak a cloth with Goo Gone and lay the clother over the stickey portion that is left on the bike for 5 min.
4) start to scrub with the cloth and keep adding Go Gone as you are doing this.
5) once the stickey id gone wash and wax the bike

It will take 15min per sticker depending on the size of the sticker

Good Luck

03-18-2007, 07:29 AM
After I used the Hairdryer method to remove, I used this stuff and it worked awesome and also waxed it too! It is the spray bottle stuff. Cheap at any auto parts store.


03-18-2007, 09:27 AM
Mr. Smarty...... use the search button. Been discussed many times before.

p.s. hint: Hairdryer

OK, I guess I deserved that. Cut me some slack, I'm new to the forum. :oops:

'Thanks' to you guys for responding anyway! You're awesome! :-D

03-18-2007, 09:57 AM
Non-Acetone fingernail polish remover or De-natured alcohol should work once you get the actual sticker off. It won't harm the paint either. I've used it on my car.

03-18-2007, 08:08 PM
I did the hair dryer/bug & tar remover and it worked like a champ. I waxed the whole bike afterwards for good measure. It looks great!

03-18-2007, 08:12 PM
Doesn't that stuff work great? I like it because it doesn't dry out or scuff like other stuff does. It is exactly like my Rain X spray on wax the way it shines!

03-18-2007, 08:44 PM
Yeah, I love waxing my bikes. I treat my other vehicles like dirty scags when it comes to washing and waxing but I've always loved waxing the bikes. Today I pulled it out on the end of the driveway, waxed it and just thought about stuff with no one in my face or buzzing in my ear. Then I went out for a ride so I could christen the shiny, freshly-waxed bike with a few more bugs. :-D

03-18-2007, 09:59 PM
Hey I envy those bugs you get! It snowed a foot and a half here a few days ago.

03-19-2007, 08:42 AM
Yeah. I lived in DC for a few years (stationed there in the Air Force) and dealt with the cold there too. My 'Busa sat for almost 5 months strait in 2000, which was an abnormally cold year (like this year). I'd go down to the garage and start it just to keep everything lubricated. It was sad. I finally just sold the bike 'cause I couldn't justify the insurance/bike payment for a bike I was riding only 6 months a year.

There's one way to look at it I guess: If you have to wait for the cold to subside in order to ride, you'll enjoy it that much more when spring finally hits in Bawston! :-)

03-19-2007, 09:36 AM
Exactly! Should be pcsing soon so hopefully it is more South!

03-19-2007, 10:05 AM
I just retired from the AF a month ago, so I don't have to go anywhere anymore if I don't want to! -Hope you get something past the Mason-Dixon line. -Then you can catch up on the riding you've missed! ;-)

03-19-2007, 12:59 PM
Congrats on the retirement! Eglin your last base? Man that place is nice!

03-19-2007, 02:02 PM
Yeah Eglin's nice, but I'm at Tyndall ('bout 60 miles East of Eglin) - which isn't so nice. It's OK though because anytime I get tired of this place, I can blow outta town because I'm retired now!

04-16-2007, 10:05 PM
this may be too late...i did a search on google when I got my bike and it said to use wd-40. it takes a little time but it does work.you have to soak the area and peel the sticker slowly and spray under the edge.you will probably have to scrape the bits and glue off with your fingernail then when most is gone spray wd40 on residue and wipe with a clean cloth. it will take a few times to get it all off but the results are great...the only problem is that wd40 seems to attract wasps. I have the the article saved and can email it to anyone who wants it in case I dont attach it properly :?