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02-23-2007, 11:19 PM
Well I have taken peoples friendly advise on here and used the search function ... took me a while to figure the ins and outs of the search but I think I have at least got my head around it enough to find some stuff I want .. but this time I want an opinion rather than info. I have decided I want to Mod out the rear .. and do some other things and thanks to some good people on here I am looking to go ahead with it .. seems one of the better ways to go is the RF900 swinger and brake .. with a Busa back wheel if I want a 190 tire .. if thats not possible I guess a Bandit 180 will do .. But I am aiming for the 190 .. Down the track when the engine has had its day I want to put a bandit engine in it and to that end I am starting to put some pennies away now .. and keeping an eye on the auctions. I am still undecided about a 92 GSXR front end ..

Basically there are 2 things I wanna know .. has anyone done the GSXR front and what are there thoughts on it ?

And secondly when the frame is shifted and the pegs have to be moved .. can anyone recomend rearsets or have you stuck with your standars and just repositioned them. I have done some reading on the subject and know pretty much anything seems possible here so I wanted to know in both situations .. what people have found to be the best fuctionally and comfort wise .. 8)

Hope I have asked a fair couple of questions this time without asking the same ol same ol 8) .. I can understand it must make your toenails curl up when you read the same questions again and again .. So I am not aiming to offend. ..

Thanks Guys .. for the How to search guide and the ideas and things you have come up with on here that have inspired me to not buy a bike everyone else owns but to be a little indavidual.

02-24-2007, 08:38 AM
Opinions are like what ?
Read my Signature for my answer :lol:

When it comes to swapping out a Kats suspension, I would PM Waltari for any question I may have and ask for his advice/suggestions. But, thats just ME :dunno: . After reading his posts and looking at the work hes done, you'd agree with me, he knows what the hell hes talking about. :wink: Just my $.02

02-24-2007, 01:57 PM
Oh Lord!!

Another case off beginning modditis, please let someone help this guy!! :lol:

/on topic

Everything is doable, but you've got to realize one mod is consuming more energy, money and time than another.
Basically you've two ways to go...
Either do it yourself in which case you've got to be sure you're technically sufficiently inclined AND having the skills and tools you'll need OR buy everything you need and have it done by a good/wellknown shop.
The first way is the most satisfactory one but allso the hardest way to go.
For example the RF900 swingarm is a somewhat easier way to upgrade the swing, a SS-arm gives a little more trouble lining up the sprockets, a gixxer "92 frontend will be easier to adapt than let's say a Gixxer "02 frontend, but like I said it's still doable.
In short..
Any but a custombuilt swingarm will need some modding off the rearshockfittings, relocating off the pegs and cutting/relocating the lower subframe.
Any frontend swap will need some modification off the steering-lock, triple tree and in most cases off the fairings (besides that you'll find yourself in need off rebuilding/respringing the forks)

02-24-2007, 02:52 PM
Thanks for that info. I am getting help from someone who knows what they are doing .. I am buying the parts and hopefully helping out where I can and learning learning learning .. What I am really interested in knowing about the Rearsets is what people have used .. and how good are they to use ... and reposition. Same with the front forks .. I was wondering who has swapped for a 92 GSXR front set and how do they like the riding position and performance of them 8)

02-24-2007, 06:27 PM
the gsxr 92 front when in good nick, just sh!ts all over the standard front, the gixxer fork legs are slightly shorter and therefore lower the front of the bike a little, making it steer faster. if you dont want the feel of back braking clip ons, a gixxer 1100 top tripple clamp and clips on will give you a ride position closer to what a standard kat's is.

rearsets can be done quite easily, find a set of rearsets (in my case 04 zx6r's) then when it comes time to plate the lower mainframe rail (cos you cut the subframe off) you weld on a new plate with the bolt pattern/spacing of the new rearset. its actually a very easy job to do.


02-25-2007, 06:11 AM
Thanks Joe .. I figued it was a pretty much anyone can be made to fit kinda job .. so I also figured I will find out what people really like and maybe what they have tried and say .. dont use these .. they are shit. Posiibley lookin at some of the fancy after market adjustable rearsets .. to give it a more finished look 8) . I think I am going to have to hunt me down some of the front forks .. I am also planning on getting John Moorehouse to do a custom seat for me .. One thing I notice about the Kat and I dont know if anyone else has .. is that the seat tends to force my legs outwards and away from where the body and tank on the bike, seem to want them to fit in. Looking at other bike designs .. I see that seats are often flush with the tank .. so I am going to see if he can do something like that 8) ..