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01-30-2007, 10:23 PM
Hello all. New to the site and new to the bike world. I going to pick up my first bike tomorrow....an 97 750 with 22,000 miles on it...i think. I'm getting a hell of a deal....everything stock....very good condition....800 bucks. My friend is a mechanic and he made all deal for me...great guy...think i'll by him a blender or something.

But down to business. let me start by saying i have all my protective gear, saftey class on the Feb 9th 10th and 11th....military requirement.Now that is out of the way, i'm not that crazy about the style of the bike but hey its what i have so i'm gonna do some work on the looks. I want to change out the front fairings, rear fairing seat, and exhaust. I have done the Search.....and seen I cant remember his name but i believe everyone knows his bike...it has the 03 gixers fairings on it and tail. I really want it to look like that. So if you guys can tell me if i have the right plan...thanks

I thinking i will need to replace the rear sub frame from a 03 gsr so i can get the rear seat stlye and also update the front nose. not to excited with the head light look. and readed that the exhaust from 98+ gsr will fit
with me denting in the oil pan or also swapping the oil pans. does this mean all the way up to 06 will fit with no leaks??
sorry so many questions...and thank for the help

The CyberPoet
01-31-2007, 07:52 AM
Sounds like you might be talking about Kwebbel or Walteri or one of the other super-body/frame-modders.

It won't be a simple bolt-on operation to add different plastics -- you're going to need a metal welder, probably some plastic welding experience as well (or fiberglass experience), time and a bunch of patience (and quite a bit of skill to make it look right).

The exhaust from a 98+ GSX-F will fit with a 98+ oil pan and oil-pan pick-up assembly, or denting the headers heavily to clear the existing oil pan. A GSX-R exhuast from 93+ will not fit (once the GSXR's go to water-cooling, the exhaust header spacing changes).

=-= The CyberPoet

01-31-2007, 01:14 PM
thanks for words. actually seen the bike to day and i'm pleased, i thought it was an 750 but it is an 600. I'm pretty crafty with things....self tought on a lot of things. will probably mess with the rear seat. thinking about fiberglass over the rear seat and changing out the twin muffler to the single

01-31-2007, 02:49 PM
Actually one of the members did literally bolt on GSXR fairings. He bolted them onto the stock fairings but did it in a way it didn't look ridiculous. In fact the pictures I've seen look really nice..