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01-28-2007, 09:58 PM
I was wondering if anyone had installed this slip on their Kat or know anyone who has. I am trying to figure out if the back pegs need to be removed for this slip on. I thought I read on here before that it needed to be removed but could not find the post again. If you have any questions as to what pipe im talking about here is the link. It looks like in the pic that the peg is gone. That is just not an option for me. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


01-28-2007, 10:03 PM
here's the instructions from their site, looks to me like the pegs stay on.

V a r i a b l e a x i s l o c k i n g e x h a u s t
1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the
installation. Make sure the bike is secure on the sidestand
or ideally a rear service stand.
2. Unbolt the stock canister at the passenger footpeg
bracket and where it bolts to the end of the header pipe
and remove.
3. Remove the centerstand bumper from the OE exhaust
and insert into the new s-bend.
4. Apply a small amount of the supplied threadlock to the 4
(four) 6x14mm Socket Head Cap Screws. Use the 6x14mm
Socket Head Cap Screws to loosely join the slip-tube to
the muffler canister. Do night tighten yet.
5. Slide the s-bend onto the end of the headers. Secure the
support tab to the lower frame mount. Use the supplied
8mm Flange nut for this mount. Leave loose for now.
6. Carefully slide the canister clamp over the muffler. You
may need to twist and turn the s-bend tube a little to
get it in the right place. Locate both tabs of the canister
clamp outside of the passenger footpeg bracket. Use the
8x55mm bolt and the 11mm spacer to secure. Leave loose
for now.
7. Once the muffler is properly aligned, tighten the muffler
mounting bolt, followed by the V.A.L.E.TM screws, and
lastly the bottom barrel clamp. Tighten the V.A.L.E.TM
screws in an X-pattern in order to achieve a proper fit.
8. Before you run the bike, clean off all fingerprints and
dirt, as any oily residue will etch the metal and become
permanent when the system gets hot. Also, remove any
plastic film from the name badge(s). Run the bike and
enjoy. It is normal for some white smoke to appear the
first time you start the bike. This is packing/manufacturing
oil from inside the pipe burning off. Check for gaps or
leaks. If you find a leak, a little high temperature silicon
sealant should fix it. After 50 to 100 miles, recheck all
fasteners for tig2007 Suzuki
Katana 600/750
V.a.L.E.TM Slip-On Exhaust System
Part # 005-190406V / 005-190407V / 005-190408V / 005-190419V / 005-190420V

01-29-2007, 01:37 PM
I read the instructions from the site before posting here.. Still couldn't tell one way or the other. So I called today and they said that you have to lose the rear pegs. Oh well. Atleast I had a back up exhaust in mind for such and answer. So I am going with this one instead.


01-29-2007, 01:58 PM
The pic on the page shows the peg on and the exhaust attached at the stock mounting point.

01-29-2007, 03:28 PM
you won't be disappointed with Scorpion.