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01-28-2007, 10:53 AM
I simply do not feel comfortable going into corners with the stock Michelin Macadam's. After reading many of your posts and Cyber's 10 to do mods list I have determined that swapping out the stock tires will improve my bikes performance and my confidence level.

I read alot on this site and have seen that many KR members have already changed their tires to better performing product offerings. From what I take of it most have bought the Metzeler Z6, Pirelli Diablos and the Pilot Power.

From what I am seeing everyone has been happy with these choices with most of the KR member buying the Z6. So I am thinking about ordering this product very soon.

I have also noticed a large variance of KR members have purchased larger than stock tires. I have not been riding long, and this is my first tire purchase. So this leaves me to wondering what the advantages are to buying larger than stock tires.

Hopefully some of you will help me out.

I have also noticed that before offering any advice most want to know what kind of riding is being done. I am a hobby rider doing about 5,000 km per year. My riding is mainly weekend touring doing anywhere from 200km to 600 km in the day. I get excited about heading to twisty roads and then disappointment settles in when I feel like the bike is washing out beneath me. Tire pressure is set to manufacturer specs and I have found my comfortable suspension settings.

I am also planning a Deals Gap trip this summer (week after KR rally, too bad) so I don't want to do this trip on tires that do not make me feel warm and fuzzy.

So I guess that I have determined that the Metzeler Z6 will be my choice the question is how do I detrmine if I am staying stock size or going with larger?

01-28-2007, 11:02 AM
Just read this thread. Sorry for a duplicate. I guess I am not the only one with this question.