View Full Version : 06 kat 600 Gas tank and fairings trade for Rs3 exhaust?

01-06-2007, 11:54 PM
I have an 06 kat 600 blue gas tank no dents or scratches (pics available) I bought off ebay in a bundle deal. I needed the left fairing and the guy sold me a lot of all the fairings and a tank. I'm looking for a new or gently used (no scratches) RS3 Yoshi exhaust slip on, or full to trade. If any body is needing some blue kat fairings or a tank let me know i'll show you exactly what I have. Thanks

01-07-2007, 12:48 AM
Any reason for posting the same thing 2 times, 17 mins apart?

01-08-2007, 11:00 AM
Cuz 16 is an even number? I'm a newb give me a break I just wanted to make sure people saw it. I guess it worked

03-17-2007, 01:02 PM
I need a right side fairing for my 06 kat, had a little problem with a cager cutting me off and the bike fell on the right side after the rear end went out from under me and the sand in the road didn't help either. If you still have them let me know what ya got.

03-17-2007, 01:22 PM
would you happen to have a headligt,gauges for that bike

03-18-2007, 09:34 AM
hey guys i'm sorry I didn't get the emails I just happend to look. All I have left is the gas tank and a left fairing. I rear ended a truck and broke both fairings, the headlight, and the left footpeg.