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08-15-2010, 08:30 PM
Hello lads.

I HAVE to run some stuff by you, because I'm quite curious of a few things I can't seem to get a definitive answer on by searching around.

I just put a 1998 oil pan on a 2002. The parts are NOT exactly the same, yet the only differences I can see are these two "extensions" that poke out right on the outside of the one we pulled from the 2002 where, when installed, the oil filter is right in between (sort of.) Does anybody know the exact point of those "extensions"? Also, the pan from the 98 said 26E-1 and the one from the 2002 said 26E-3 I believe..

I've attached a pic of the one from the 2002 with the extensions I've talked about.

Like I said, I put a 98 to an 02 oil pan. Is the pan (from the 2002) with the extensions this part# 11511-26E01 (http://www.ronayers.com/Search/N/687/PartNumber/11511-26E01/Source/SU) ? The weird thing is, I know the pan 11511-26E00 (http://www.ronayers.com/Search/N/687/PartNumber/11511-26E00/Source/SU) is discontinued and was replaced with the one I just listed above. The E01 though, on the fiche, doesn't show the extensions I pointed to in the photo!! What gives? Is it okay to even put an older (1998) oil pan onto that 2002?? Regardless of the two above part numbers, aren't they totally interchangeable? It's not leaking, and the bike is running the same as it was before the swap.


Here's another thing I have a question on. As I was test riding if after the swap, I noticed a (new?) sound when I'm turning left AND right. This one really boggles my mind. I will start by saying all the bolts we removed today, we put back on and everything was tightened and triple checked after the pan swap. The front "cowling" was off for all the scenario I describe next.

As I turned the bike, I heard this sound that I can only describe as "jangling" (like keys!) The first time, I actually turned round to have a look, as I thought maybe we left an allen wrench on the bike that fell to the street and made that sound. Nope. No wrench, all tools accounted for. I took a few more turns, one in 1st gear and one in 2nd, but still heard this "jangle." It wasn't 100% consistent. either. It did it after shifts, not during.

I am SO thrown by this noise! I will say that I never ride without a helmet, so maybe this sound was always there but I just never heard it until today (with no helmet, ears exposed.) It was pretty audible, although there was no traffic and the bike isn't loud anyway (all stock.)

We put Mobil 1 Racing 4T (synthetic) oil in there today, which wasn't in there before. There's a NAPA gold oil filter, but other than that stuff and the pan swap, we did nothing else that I think would cause that noise. We did have to drop the exhaust (in one piece) to get to the oil pan, though. But like I mentioned, everything was tightened back to "spec" (hopefully!)

The jangling is not coming from anything under the seat (air pressure gauge, sunglasses) and I even kicked the chain about (while it wasn't running, of course :tearslol) to see if that was the noise source - no go.

What could this crazy noise be?! Am I in danger when I ride? I'm already paranoid as it is! I think this is really going to scare me from riding until I have some ideas. Like I said, I'm paranoid - I'm afraid something major would happen to the engine or something heh heh.

I think we did a good job on our work though, and there's no oil leaking. I just don't see any loose fairings making this jangle noise either. It's more of a "metal on metal" sound, if you will. Any ideas on this one, guys?

Thanks a megaton for any help!

08-15-2010, 10:06 PM
Regarding the "extensions" on the oil pan, there are fingers, as I would call them, on the oil lines where they bolt into the oil pan. Those extension and the fingers work together to prevent the line from spinning or slightly turning during installation of the banjo bolts.

Regarding the noise, :smt102